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Motor Mover

Another Powrtouch Evolution Auto Engage Motor Mover supplied & installed.

Make hitching up and parking so much easier with a Powrtouch Motor Mover!

As a Truma Powrtouch dealer and a Mobile Engineer I am able to offer very competitive prices with the convenience of coming to you.


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Service and Brake Check

A new customer recently booked their caravan in for it's annual service. They advised me that despite mentioning it on their previous couple of services, their caravan continues to have noisy brakes.

Upon carrying out a full inspection, I discovered that the brake shoe lining was breaking up and the brake drums were excessively scored!

New Alko shoes and drums fitted and no more noisy brakes! One very happy customer!

When did your pride and joy last have a service?


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Damp Repair

High damp readings were picked up on a customers recent service showing water ingress from the awning rail.

It's important to get any damp repairs done before as soon as possible, especially before the winter months kick in to prevent further costly and damaging problems.

Do you have an area of damp that requires attention? When did your caravan or motorhome last have a damp check?

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Caravan tyres should be replaced every 5 years regardless of their condition. Tyres age from when made and not fitted.

Both tyres pictured are 6 years old. One looks perfectly normal and the other is splitting all around the side. Whilst your tyres might look ok, they suffer from degradation due to UV exposure, weather changes from cold and hot, as well as standing for long periods.

Avoid the hassle of towing your caravan to get new tyres. I come to your home or storage and replace your tyres for you.

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Gas Regulator

Do you know that bulkhead/bottle top gas regulators are recommended to be replaced every 10 years.

Last week I replaced one that was dated 2005, which is 6 years past the manufacturers date! (2015)

It's never worth taking the risk when it comes to gas.

When did you last have your gas system checked by a qualified STGW (ACOPS) engineer?

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Motorhome Step Repair

I had a call out to look at a Motorhome electric step that had stopped operating.

I removed and stripped down the step to find it was full of dirt and partially seized.

After a good clean out and lubrication, I reassembled the step and it's back to being fully functional.

You do not always need to replace something, it might just need a little TLC!

Another very satisfied customer

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13 Pin Plug Replacement

Replaced a customers faulty 13 pin plug with a new version which comes with a useful aligning tool.

This tool will help you realign the 13 pin socket prior to connection, preventing damage to your towing electrics.

Do you find you have trouble connecting your 13 pin plug?

Water Leak

This customers shower cold feed pipe split and was leaking under pressure, they applied a temporary repair.

I removed the customers temporary repair and replaced the pipe ensuring a good connection,

Happy customer and no more leaking hose!

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